Minos the Ruler of Knossos and island of Crete.

The first born of Zeus and princes Europa.

In fact the first King of European Mythology.

This Mythical complicated character that received the laws from Zeus every 9 years on the mount Ida governed his island wisely following the word of his father and God Zeus.

Minos and Knossos where also home to the famous Labyrinth and it’s Minotaur!

Designer and commander of the earliest navy fleet of Europe, the earliest colonial power …

Father of the beautiful princess Ariadne.

Judge of the souls to enter the underworld in his after life.

Minos was most likely a title 4000 years ago but never the less inspired Sir Arthur Evans to name the Earliest Civilization of Europe Minoan.

The Name we read in Linear B tablets the oldest European written form of Greek – European language.

Homer wrote about King Minos, Thucydides, Virgil and even Dante in his divine Comedy!

Michelangelo’s Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel inspired by the inferno of Dante depicts Minos …

Today one sees the oldest throne of Europe in Knossos where once this Emblematic but yet tragic king sat.

By KnossosGuides